About IRAN

About IRAN

The country once known as “Persia” continues to be one of the most mysterious countries on Earth. The territory of enchantment and glamorous myths, has constantly been the habitat of ancient nations and nowadays, genuine forms of nomadic, rural and urban lifestyles.

Phenomenal vernacular architecture in this realm of diversity, appears to be the spirit of its ancient varied languages and sweet dialects, which flows through the turquoise color on tiles and the arabesque pat- tern on stuccoes.

From crowded bazaars to tranquility in gardens, from vivid colors of flowers to relieving designs of car- pets, from cool breeze up on mountains to the most scorching sands in deserts, Iran is full of excitation, enthusiasm, marvel and fulfilled curiosity.

In this domain of poetry and virtu, road cliffs have inscriptions on and palace walls have delicate paintings within. Travelers walk through footsteps of the kings and emperors from olden days and experience the host and livelihood of today’s people.

Through our A Thousand and one journeys, honorably you are invited to the country of A Thousand and one Nights to be hosted in A thousand and one hosting traditions.