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11 Sep 2016

The historical town of Masuleh, having an attractive nature and a wonderful architecture with an antiquity of more than 1000 years, is situated at a distance of 35 km from Fuman and 60 km from Rasht, and 1050 m. above the Caspian Sea. Masuleh is registered as historical towns in the historical & cultural heritage register under the number 1090. This beautiful complex, remained from history with traditions, manners and customs, handicrafts, and many natural and historical sites, is the host of thousands of eager guests and travelers every year. It is a small village in north of Iran. It‟s near Fuman. It‟s a village in the foot of mountain and therefore it has an amazing structure and architecture. Homes are above each other and roof of each house is the yard or walk area for the people in upstairs. This feature has made it a favorite place for tourists to visit. You can also see nice old wooden windows and doors in this village. Masuleh has a nice bazaar and you can buy women handicrafts, special sweets etc. You can try local dresses and take nice pictures. There is also a very small hotel in Masuleh. But It‟s better you stay in Fuman or Rasht. Otherwise you can stay in local homes in Masuleh and rent a room in a beautiful home for one or more nights with food.