IRAN: Lut Desert

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Lut Desert


Duration: 18 nights / 19 days

Arrived at Mashad – Return from Isfahan


Airlines Suggestions :

Turkish Airline – Emirates – Qatar Airways


Route: Mashad, Bidokt, Birjand, Deh Salm, Shafiabad, Keshit Village, Bam, Kerman, Meymand, Yazd, Beyazh, Mesr, Isfahan


Prices: From 1950 Euros / Person (Group Stay)

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  • Exploration of desert lands and ancient and historical cities
  • Follow in the footsteps of Thesiger (1964) and Marco Polo (1271).
  • Trek the world’s largest kalut system.
  • Cross the infamous ‘plain of pain’ (named by Secret Compass).
  • Explore the region that’s home to the world’s hottest spot.
  • Pass through former Silk Road haunts.


Key Steps:

  • Traveling to the heart of Lut desert in Iran.
  • Visiting cities: Bam, Mahan and Isfahan (UNESCO World Heritage Classes).
  • Overnight accommodation in the caves of Meymand.
  • Exploration of the abandoned ruins of the Kharanagh desert.
  • Discovery of ancient er rich traditions of Zoroastrianism.


Day 1 and 2:         Mashad

City Tour, Imam Reza Square, Koushagi Park


Day 3:                   Bidokht

Visit of the old Qanat (Irrigation System), Rihab Village


Day 4:                   Birjand

Visiting of Rahim Abad Garden, Archaeological and Anthropological museums, Ruins of the Citadel of Kolah Farangi, and visiting Bazaar.


Day 5:                   Sarbisheh, Nahbandan and Deh Salam 

Visiting  Lut Desert. Sand dunes and rock formations. Adventure in the heart of the desert.

Day 6 and 7:      Shafiabad – Keshit Village 

Visiting  of Shafiabad Fort, Continuation of the course in the desert. Visiting Oasis village of Keshit. Visiting of Gozid and the valley of Andouhjerd and hills of Jahr. Stay night in guest houses.

Day8:                   Arg -e Bam 

Visiting  Bam


Day 9:                Kerman

Visiting  Kerman, Rayen Castel, Shah Ne’emat Ollah-e-Vali sanctuary (UNESCO World Heritage Classes). Visiting Mosques and Temples of Zaraostrians. Visiting  Safavid Ganj Ali Khan Complex, Caravanserai, Visiting bazaar.


Day 10:                Meymand

Visiting of the old troglodyte village of Meymand (UNESCO World Heritage Classes). Accommodation in the caves for a unique and unforgettable night.

Day 11:                Yazd

Visiting Zein al Din Caravanserai, Sar Yazd Sasanian Castle. Visiting wind towers, Pahlanpour Garden,  Fire Temple, Amir Chaghmagh complex.


Day 12:                Beyzadeh

Visiting Chak Chak Village.  Visit the ruins of the ancient desert city of Kharanagh.  Visiting Beyzadeh, city located on the edge of the desert.


Day 13:                Mesr

Visiting central deserts of Iran. Crossing of Arosan, Khor and Garmeh  and arriving to the Oasis Mesr city.


Day 14, 15 and 16:   Isfahan

Crossing the lush plains of the Zayanderoud River, at the foothills Zagros Mountains. Arrival at our final destination; The ancient city of Isfahan, Capital of Persian.

City Tour: Chehel Sotoun Palace,  Hasht-Behesht Palace,  Menar Jonban,  Historical Bridges, The medieval dovecote and the bazaar of Isfahan. Visiting Naghshe-Jahan square (UNESCO World Heritage Classes), Jame Mosque of Isfahan, Ali-Qapu Palace, Vank Cathedral, Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque.


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