Gilan is one of the main tourist attractions in the northern provinces of Iran, with its beautiful natural attractions and pristine natural areas. This lush land is different from other parts of Iran due to its rich vegetation and its location among the mountains of the Alborz and the Caspian Sea. Gilan has an ancient civilization of over 3,000 years.

There are more than 40 rivers in Gilan, including Sepidrood (Sefīd-Rūd), Astrachai, …

Some of the main cities of Gilan province are: Rasht, Bandar Anzali, Lahijan, Langrood, Talesh, Astara, Sume_Sara, Astaneh Ashrafieh, Rudsar, Fouman, Siyahkal, Rezvanshahr, Masal, Manjil, Roodbar, Roodbar, Amlash, Kyashahr, Rustamabad, Lushan, Sangar, Kalachai, Lundwill, Asalem, Rahimabad, Lechtshah, Košsfahan, Langroud, Chaboksar, Shaft, Lolman, Drying, Masouleh, Tonekabon, Deylaman


Javaher-Dasht Rudsar:

Juhardsht is located in the village of Rudsar, 2000 meters above the Caspian Sea, and is one of the highest villages of Gilan after Dilaman.



Astra Wetland:

Astara Wetlands is located 7 km away from Astara in 138 hectares wide. This wetland  has a special eco-tourism feature, due to the proximity to the road, the diversity of natural landscapes such as mountains, forests and fields and surrounding fields.


Heyran is located on way of Astara to Ardabil, and its name may be due to its amazing scenery, which astonishes every visitor.

The length of this cemetery is 35 km and the highest point of the sea level is about 1500 meters. Due to the humidity of the Caspian Sea, It’s always foggy and because of its desirable micro climate at summertime, many villas have been built in the neighborhood.


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Rudkhan Castle (Ghale Rudkhan):

Rudkhan Castle is located 20 kilometers from Fouman city, which was built in the Seljuk period with 2.6 hectares over the forest highlands of Roodkhan Fouman Village. Some other experts believe that the castle was built in Iran during the Sassanid era and coincident with the Arab invasion.

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The historic and tourist city of Masouleh which is the first historic city in the country, is located in the southwest of Guilan province, in the district of Fooman Forest.

This lush green village is a clear example of the world-class staircase architecture.


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Guilan Museums:

  • Rasht Museum
  • Zoology Museum of Rasht
  • Museum of Tea History
  • Masouleh Museum of Anthropology
  • Museum of Rural Heritage in Guilan
  • Military Museum of Bandar Anzali
  • Museum of Anthropology and Nomadic Soban Talesh County
  • Fisheries Museum of Kiashshahr Port


Other tourist attractions in Gilan:

  • Lake Aynak
  • Bare-Sar lake
  • Masal Shanderman
  • Haj Samad Khan Mosque
  • Saravan Forest Park
  • Danay ALi Tomb
  • Imamzadeh Hashem
  • Bojagh National Park
  • Badiollah Mosque
  • Guhorrud River
  • Zarjob River
  • Cheshmaghl Mineral Water Spring
  • Holy well (Chah Moghadas)
  • Pour Davood Tomb
  • Tomb of Mirza Khan Jangali
  • Chalakhan Mosque
  • Tarik Dam
  • Chokam Garden
  • Silk House of Sayyllan Square in Rasht
  • Avanesian house of Rasht
  • Ghadiri Historical House of Rasht
  • Iran’s White House in Rasht
  • Kolah Farangi Mansion
  • Soustan wetland
  • Anzali Pier
  • Anzali Minaret
  • Anzali Harbor Breakwaters
  • Recreational passenger ship Mirza Kuchak Khan
  • Sheytan Kooh
  • Astara Birds Garden
  • Latton Waterfall
  • Khoon Foshe Cave
  • Asb Rudbar Cave
  • Stanif Rudbar Cave
  • Siyah-Darvishan Wetland
  • Chamkhala Beach
  • Asalem road to Khalkhal
  • Damash mineral water spring
  • Gisum Forest Park
  • Lahijan Telecabine


Handicrafts and souvenirs of Guilan:

  • Fouman Muffins
  • Lahijan Tea
  • Rice
  • Olive