Kermanshah is one of the historical and cultural cities of Iran which dating back to the fourth century AD. This city is one of the most important regions in Iran and West Asia, due to Remnants of prehistoric settlements,  attractive landscapes, rich culture and Neolithic villages. Also because of  the mountainous nature of the sanctuary and natural caves, it has always been the attention of the Stone Age people.

Kermanshah has a moderate and mountainous climate.


Taq-e-Bostan is a series of large rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid Empire of Persia which example of Sassanid art. This monument is located in the heart of the Zagros mountains, where it has endured almost 1,700 years of wind and rain.



The Bisotun inscription is  a multi-lingual inscription located on Mount Bisotun which considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Bisotun is the largest stone in the world and the first well-known Iranian text, built at a height of several tens of meters above Earth’s surface and on the slopes of Mount Pravo.


Takieh Mo’aven ol-Molk:

The Takieh Mo’aven ol-Molk is Iran’s finest Hosseinieh, a distinctively Shiite shrine where plays are acted out during the Islamic month of Moharram to commemorate the martyrdom in 680 of Imam Hossein at Karbala. The remarkable point of this monument of Qajar is related it’s tiling.


Takieh Biglarbeygi:

Takieh Biglarbeygi is located in the old city of Kermanshah and was built in the Qajar era with a unique mirrors.


Kermanshah Museum:

  • Paleolithic Stone Museum
  • Stone Museum of Taq-e-Bostan
  • Mo’aven ol-Molk Museum
  • Museum of Anthropology


  • Kermanshah Bazaar
  • Toopkhane Bazaar
  • Gold market
  • Kermanshah dairy Market
  • Friday Market
  • Bread Market (Nan Berenji)


Other tourist attractions in Kermanshah:

  • Sarab Sahne
  • Cave of Kermanshah Castle
  • Waterfall Piran of Kermanshah
  • Bird Garden
  • Kermanshah Mountain Park
  • Imameddoleh Mosque
  • Jame Mosque
  • Jalili Mosque
  • Shafi’i mosque
  • Kermanshah Flower Garden (Iran’s second flower garden)