Kish Island is a tourist attraction in western Asia which located southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf.  Since Kish island considered as a free zone, so foreign nationals do not need a visa to enter the island. Also since Kish consider as a Free Economic Zone, so Shopping centers in Kish have become one of the island’s attractions For tourists who want to buy affordable.

Also, the location of the free economic zone of the island has made Kish shopping centers one of the island’s attractions.

Kish has a very dry semi-equatorial climate and the average annual temperature of the island is about 26 ° C.



Greek Ship:

The Greek ship has been beached  western part of Kish Island in the village of Bagu, since 1966.

ٰView of the sunset at the back of the Greek ship is an enjoyable experience for tourists.


Kariz underground City:

An amazing underground city in Kish island with an area of 10,000 square meters and located 16 meters underground.

The ceiling are 8 meters high covered by shells, fossils and corals estimated to be 270 to 570 million years old and is the only structure with a ceiling of natural shells and corals.


Harireh Historical City:

According to the Heritage Organization, the city of Harireh is eight hundred years old in area about 120 hectares.



Dolphin Park complex

The beautiful dolphin park is so entertaining. The tour inside the park is so amusing, and first you will be guided to the bird garden, later circus and dolphin show. The dolphin show is entreating especially for the children, although adults will enjoy the acts of dolphins too.

Various species of marine mammals such as dolphins, penguins, northern cats, northern sea lions, southern lagomorphs, marine hogs are kept in this complex.


Other tourist attractions in Kish:

  • Kish Diving Center
  • Marjan Beach Park
  • East Coast
  • South Beach
  • Baghoo Village
  • Ocean Water Park
  • Green Tree Complex
  • Rama Spa
  • Payab
  • Traditional Ab Anbar
  • Coconut Tree
  • Indigenous Home
  • Bird Garden


Famous Mall in Kish:

  • Pardis 1
  • Pardis 2
  • Kourosh Mall
  • Morvarid
  • Venus
  • Paniz
  • Royamall
  • Maryam
  • Marjan
  • Zeytoon
  • Damoun
  • Diplomat
  • Sarina