The green and lush province of Mazandaran with its unsurpassed nature and moderate climate on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea is considered one of the most important tourist hubs of Iran. Mazandaran is the only province which connected through  three axes of Heraz, Kandovan and Savadkuh with the center of the country.

Some of the main cities of Mazandaran province are:  Sari, Amol, Babol, Ghaemshahr, Behshahr, Neka, Babolsar, Chalous, Tonekabon, Noshahr, Fereydunkenar, Ramsar and …


Badab-e Surt:

Badab Surt (باداب سورت‎) is a natural site in south of  Sari city which  comprises a range of stepped travertine terrace formations that has been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside.


Churt Lake:

The Chort Lake or Miyanshe is about 2.5 hectares which located 10 kilometers of the forests of Chort village and in the city of Sari. When the lake water comes down, the trees that appear at the site of the lake and create a beautiful landscape. Churt lake was created in 1300 due to the earthquake and closing the path of the fountain which located next to the lake.

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The village of Filband, also known as the Eastern Roof of Mazandaran, is located at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level in south of Babol.

The combination of high mountains and dense forests which pass through a large amount of white clouds has turned the village into a beautiful tourist destination.


2000 Forests:

Two thousand forests are a tourist destination in the Alborz Highlands and in the south of Tonekabon, Mazandaran province. Dense forests of the two-thousander area, with varieties of rush trees, plane tree, high mountain landscapes, grassland and Plain high forests are one of the goals of nature tourism with diverse and unique attractions.

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Mazandaran Museum:

  • History Museum Amol
  • Museum of Babol
  • Kandolus Museum Nowshahr
  • Ramsar Museum of Anthropology


Other tourist attractions in Mazandaran:

  • Larijan Hot Spring
  • Mount Damavand
  • Haraz River
  • Alasht Village
  • Zangian Cave
  • Lake Valasht
  • Lar Dam
  • Alam-Kuh
  • Alendan lake
  • Watch Tower Babol
  • Abpari Waterfall
  • Cave Zangian Qaemshahr
  • Alimastan Village
  • Div Sefid Cave
  • Div Sefid Cave
  • Huto and Kamarband Caves
  • Lar National Park
  • Abbas Abad Garden, Behshahr
  • Forest Park Chaldareh
  • Forest Park Shahid Zare
  • Forest Park Mirza Kuchik Khan Haraz
  • Elburz Range forest steppe
  • See Sangan Forest
  • Estakhr-e-Posht Lake
  • Paband National Park
  • Mal Khast Village
  • Kiasar National Park
  • Amoloo mineral water Springs
  • Ramsar mineral water Springs
  • Amoloo Mineral Water Spring
  • Shahandasht Waterfall
  • Haft Abshar Waterfall, Babol
  • Hill Qlaya Ghale Kety
  • Shoormast Lake, Savadkuh
  • Herijan Waterfall
  • Deryouk Waterfall
  • Espe-o Waterfall
  • Kiasar Waterfall
  • Waterfall Tircan
  • Bathroom Vaziri, Sari
  • Chai Khoran Palace, Chalus
  • Ramsar Palace
  • Safi Abad Palace
  • Tamishan Palace
  • Palace of Shapur
  • Shapur Place, Babol
  • Farahabad Complex
  • Bagh Shah, Behshahr
  • Tomb Soltan Mohammad-e Taher
  • Tomb of Ibn Shahrashub
  • Tomb of Haydar Amuli
  • Tomb Darvish Fakhruddin Babol
  • Tomb of Imamzadeh Abbas
  • Safi Abad Palace
  • Shah Neshin Castle
  • Poolad Baladeh Castle
  • Malek Bahman Castle
  • Kangelo Castle,Savadkuh
  • Lajim Tower, Savadkuh
  • Miankaleh peninsula
  • Davazdah Cheshmeh Bridge
  • Cheshmeh Kileh Bridge Tonekabon
  • Moalagh Bridge, Amol
  • Shapour Bridge, Juybar
  • Veresk Bridge
  • Gerdkooh ancient hill
  • Gohar Tapeh
  • Bathroom Vaziri, Sari
  • Fire Temple of Amol
  • Imamzadeh Qasem Babol
  • Imamzadeh Ebrahim Babolsar
  • Imamzadeh Yahya Sari
  • Imamzadeh Ebrahim Amol
  • Nassereddin Shah relief
  • Jameh Mosque of Amol
  • Jameh Mosque of Sari
  • Bridge Felezi of Babolsar
  • Cemetery Ispe Chah
  • Cheshmeh Imarat Behshar
  • Mohammad Hassan Khan Bridge, Babol
  • Cheshmeh Kileh Bridge, Tonekabon
  • Shahrak-e Namak Abrud
  • Cemetery Sefid Chah
  • Resket Tower
  • Temple Kowsan
  • Forst Park Kashpel
  • Tomb of Seyed Mohammad Zarrin Nava
  • Takieh Taker
  • Mansion Municipal Tonekabon
  • Cave rostam Kola
  • Garden Chehelsotoon
  • Tomb Shah baloo zahid Amuli
  • Heshtel Tower
  • Mosque Jameh of Babol
  • Mosque Mohadesin
  • Tomb of Ibn-e Shahr Ashoob
  • Imamzadeh Sayyid Ali kia Sultan
  • Tower Shervin Bavand
  • Church sourkh Abad
  • Watchtower of Babol
  • House Kalbadi, Sari
  • House Manouchehri, Amol
  • Tower Shervin Bavand
  • Lake Sahon
  • Mohaddesin Mosque of Babol
  • Javarem Forest park
  • Marko Summit
  • Forst Park Dalkhani
  • Do hezar Village
  • Abe ask Village
  • Shahrak-e Darya Kenar
  • Lavij Village
  • Sheikh Musa Village
  • Forest Sange no, Neka
  • Pahlavi Hotel Qaem Shahr
  • Band-e Borideh River
  • Bazaar of Amol
  • Ramsar Parsian Hotel
  • Clock Tower of Sari
  • Waterfall Sangeno
  • Cellar Kafer Keli
  • Imamzadeh Hashem Haraz
  • Figure King Haraz
  • Kelardasht
  • Ramedani Historical House, Sari
  • Heyrat Village
  • Sarandoon and Balandoon
  • Imam Hassan Askari Mosque
  • Lake Miansheh
  • Forest Park Nur
  • Clock tower Sari
  • Gerdkooh ancient hill
  • Mount Takht-e Suleyman
  • Waterfall Sangeno
  • Heshtel Towers
  • Cemetery Ispe Chah
  • Harijan Village Chalus
  • Tamishan Palace Noor


Souvenirs of Mazandaran:

  • honey
  • Aromatic herbs and herbs
  • Caviar