Urumieh is one of the metropolises of the northwest of Iran, located 1332 meters high in the west of Lake Urumieh, on the slopes of the mountain ridge and in the middle of the Urumieh plain.

According to Vladimir Minorsky, there were villages in the Urmia Plain as early as 2000 BC, with their civilization under the influence of the Kingdom of Van.


Lake Urmia:

Lake Urmia is one of the world’s largest salt lakes, lies to the east of the city. The lake was the center of the kingdom of Manaians, which was the probable place of life for the Mana’ians in the hills of Hasanlu in the south of the lake.



Se Gonbad:

Some historians believe that, Se Gonbad or Three Domes was built in place of a Sassanid fire temple, although this claim has never been verified.

The current tower is a 13 meter structure with a girth of 5 meters and has two levels.

Ansari House:

Ansari’s house is one of the old houses in Orumieh which the building was built between 1330 and 1334, according to the form and inscriptions in the decorative tiles of the house during Qgajar era.




Mineral water spring of Zanbil Mount Urmia:

The mineral water spring of Zanbil Mountain is located in a kilometer of Urumieh Lake and is naturally shaped in a circular pond which gas is constantly flowing out of the floor.



Lakes and ponds:

  • Urmia Lake Natural Park
  • Marmisho lake
  • Urmia Lake Islands
  • Hasanloo Lake
  • Shahrchay ِDam

Scenic coastal villages:

  • Khoshako
  • Band
  • Chichest
  • Bari
  • Sier
  • Fanoos

Other tourist attractions in Urumieh:

  • Imamzada Village
  • Kazem Dashi Islet in Lake Urmia
  • Qasimlu Valley
  • Nazloo
  • Kashtiban Village
  • Rashekan to Dash Aghol
  • Silvana Region
  • Kaboodan Island
  • Dalamper
  • Dizaj Siavash’s house
  • Orumiyeh Mosque
  • Sardar Mosque
  • Minaret mosque
  • Urmia Urban Guard
  • Church of Urmia
  • Barondoz Bridge
  • Urumieh Caravanserai
  • Marmisho Lake
  • Sheikh Tappeh Forest Park
  • Mineral water spring of Zanbil Mount Urmia
  • Hot Water Fountain in Orumieh
  • Nile Ducal Waterfall in Urumieh