The name Ardabil comes from the Avesta “Artavila” which means a holy town or a holy place. Ardabil has a 3000 year-old civilian on the sidelines of the Silk Road.

Ardebil is the first Iranian city in terms of plumbing drinking water which Its date probably back to the Safavid period.

This City is known for its trade in carpets and silk.


Church of the Holy Mary:

This Armenian orthodox church has a beautiful wooden main door and painted dome built in 1876.





Jamea Mosque :

The mosque of Jamea is ruins of once magnificent and unique mosque which located in the eastern part of the city on a high hill. This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the northwest of Iran which last time it was restored in the Ilkhan era.


The complex of Sheikh Safi-al-din Ardabili:

The shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili is one of the historical and ancient places of Ardabil, which includes:

  • Shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili
  • Tombs of Shah Isma’il (first king of Safavid)
  • Tomb of wife of Shah Isma’il (mother of Shah Tahmasb)
  • Safavid rulers,
  • Iranian martyrs of Chaldoran War



Shorabil Lake:

Shorabil Lake is one of the natural attractions of Ardabil, which is even older than Lake Urmia. The water of this lake has been very salty in the past, but now it has been reduced by the addition fresh water to it.

The area of the lake is 640,000 square meters and is coated with a white layer of minerals that are useful for the treatment of skin diseases and rheumatism.


Ardebil Museums:

  • Ardebil Natural History Museum
  • Museum of Anthropology of Ardabil
  • Ardabil Artistic Crafts Museum
  • Ardabil Religious Arts Museum
  • Ardebil Museum of Art
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Stone Museum and Specialty Library of Sheikh Safi’s Tomb
  • Chinese Museum or Chinese House
  • Archaeological Museum of Khalkhal


Historical bridges of Ardebil:

  • Haft Cheshme Bridge
  • Jacoby Bridge
  • Naderi Bridge
  • Seyyed Abad Bridge
  • Kalkhoran Bridge
  • Samian Bridge
  • Ebrahim Abad Bridge
  • Red Bridge


Other tourist attractions in Ardebil:

  • Neur Lake
  • The bath of molahadi
  • Ershadi House
  • Shater Tower
  • Haft Cheshme Bridge
  • Atashgah Village
  • Hier city
  • Aghazadeh mansion
  • Khalilzadeh’s house
  • Haj Yousef Sadeghi’s House
  • Khadem-Bashi house
  • Rezazadeh’s house
  • The house of Seyed Hashem Ebrahimi
  • Shariah’s house
  • Khalilzadeh House
  • Manafzadeh House
  • Mir Fattahi House
  • Zineal Nori House
  • basilucci Chai River
  • Qajar Baths
  • Safavid Baths